Little K Homeschooling Begins

Homeschooling during covid-19

My sister-in-law Tiffany started homeschooling my niece. I’m not sure if it’s permanent, but I assume she’s afraid of what’s going to happen with covid-19.

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3 thoughts on “Little K Homeschooling Begins

  1. I think it’s great she’s doing that! I wish we have that option here too, but right now, our school board is still pushing for regular school days come September:(

  2. I signed my daughter up for e-learning. They have the option to do in person or online. Their in person safety measures are a joke, so online it is for us. We’ll let everyone else be the guinea pigs who have no problem trekking back to class this fall.

  3. What to do about kids and school is THE question right now. If I had kids, I wouldn’t send them to school at this time.

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