Dumbo (1941 Film) Review

Dumbo movie poster Disney classics

When it comes to Disney, Dumbo is obviously a classic. Though, I can’t remember watching it as a kid or not. I was sure I did, I at least know who the character was. But I have Disney+, so I decided to watch the old Dumbo after hating the remake.

Dumbo 1941 Disney classic ringmaster and horse

Like the remake, the story of Dumbo focuses around the circus. Unlike the remake, the human characters aren’t really characters at all except like one. Instead we see a wannabe mother elephant who desperately wants a baby.

Dumbo is born 1941 original Disney classic

And the stork brings the female elephant her wish. A very cute baby named Jumbo Junior. But after the female elephants see his big floppy ears, they give him the nickname Dumbo. Which isn’t very nice.

Dumbo 1941 Timothy the mouse Disney classic

When Dumbo is separated from his mother, a mouse named Timothy takes pity on him. The friendly mouse wants to make him a star in the circus. And the key to that is Dumbo’s very special and very unique floppy ears.

Dumbo flying in the circus 1941 original Disney classic cartoon

I was actually expecting Dumbo to be good, it’s absolutely terrible. I thought it being only an hour long was rather surprising, and even an hour was almost unbearable. I thought I hated the remake, but the original has very few redeeming qualities. I was so filled with joy when I was able to turn the movie off.

Score: F+

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