Pet Sematary (2019 Film) Review

Pet Sematary 2019 movie poster

Pet Sematary is a Stephen King novel I never read. I didn’t see the first movie, but the opportunity rose to watch the remake. I was cautiously optimistic, but my hopes weren’t too high.

Pet Sematary Ellie Creed Stephen King remake

The story focuses around the Creed family. The patriarch Louis is a doctor and they all move to this strange town. But there is definitely something peculiar going on.

Pet Sematary Jud Crandall John Lithgow

It doesn’t take them long to know about the pet cemetery. When the family cat ends up dead, they obviously bury him here. But that isn’t the end of the story for Mr. Kitty.

Pet Sematary church the cat returns from the dead 2019

And sure enough, the family cat Church comes back alive. But the feline is certainly different then before. He’s quite vicious and perhaps even evil. What happens when something more important gets buried in the cemetery?

Pet Sematary Stephen King remake Rachel Creed and Ellie

The new Pet Sematary is rather mediocre. It has stars you don’t know, and not much talent in the direction either. They also change the villain from the book and the first movie which makes no sense to me after reading the synopsis of the first two. It’s not horrible, but it’s sub-par for something based on Stephen King.

Score: C-

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