Shrek the Musical (2013 Film) Review

Shrek the musical movie poster

Shrek the Musical is something I happened to stumble upon on Netflix. Like Hamilton on Disney+, it really is just a recording of a live Broadway production. Just seeing a small picture of the cast was enough to get me interested.

Shrek the musical Shrek the ogre with donkey

The Broadway play is pretty much the same story as the first Shrek film. Shrek the ogre is upset to learn that all the outcasts of the village are occupying his swamp. And he’s definitely motivated to get his swamp back all to himself.

Shrek the musical Lord farquad and gingerbread man

The main problem is Lord Farquaad of Duloc. He desperately wants to be king instead of a lord. He knows he has to marry a princess in order to turn his land into a kingdom. The short man is very stubborn yet motivated.

Shrek the musical Princess Fiona singing red hair green dress

His eyes are focused on Princess Fiona. She’s locked in a tower guarded by a dragon. That’s when he gets the idea to send Shrek to do his dirty work. In exchange for a princess, Shrek will get his swamp back.

Shrek the musical whole cast ensemble singing

I absolutely enjoyed Shrek the Musical, and I am so glad I found it. The actors portraying Donkey and Princess Fiona absolutely did an amazing job. I did think the guy playing Pinocchio was rather annoying though. It is such a fun musical and rarely has a dull moment.

Score: A-

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