Things I Like: Eric Foreman (That 70’s Show)

Topher grace as Eric Foreman that 70 show Fox

Eric Foreman is the main character on That 70’s show. For a main character on a show I really liked, he had his issues.

That 70's show Fox  Eric Forman and Donna pinciotti Topher Grace and Laura Prepon

His romance with Donna was very interesting, though he ended up making 99% of the mistakes.

that 70s show red Forman Kitty Eric at dinner table

He did have the worst father, but a very good mother.

That 70s Show Eric Forman and Laurie

His sibling rivalry with his sister was kind of hit-and-miss.

That 70s show Seth Green cameo

I found it odd that his character just left the series. One of the dumbest moves in TV history.

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