Things I Like: Kitty Forman (That 70’s Show)

Kitty Forman laughing that 70s show fox Debra Jo Rupp

Kitty Forman is actually one of my favorite moms on television.

Kitty Foreman Eric Donna Pinciotti that 70s show Topher Grace Laura Prepon Debra Jo Rupp

She was a really good mom and had a very charming laugh. Even if it was a little annoying.

Kitty forman angry that 70s show Deborah Joan Rupp

Though she wasn’t always nice, she often would get fed up with certain characters and rightfully tell them off.

Final season that 70s show kitty Forman Donna Pinciotti fez

Despite both of her children no longer being in the plot, she was still on the final season. Go figure.

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