Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Avatar the last Airbender season two poster

I have very lately started Avatar: The Last Airbender which originally came out on Nickelodeon. But luckily for me, it is currently out on Netflix. I enjoyed the first season quite a bit, so watching the second season was an obvious given.

Avatar the last Airbender anng versus Azula earth kingdom

The season starts not long after the first. Aang has learned the basics of water bending. However, he knows next to nothing about earth bending. So eventually his travels will take him to the Earth kingdom.

Avatar the last Airbender book to uncle Iroh and prince Zuko

When Prince Zuko didn’t think his life could get worse, his status as an exiled prince goes to a wanted criminal by his own father and country. Though he still has his uncle Iroh to look after him. Their life of luxury is certainly at a temporary end.

Avatar the last Airbender princess Azula of the fire kingdom red uniform nickelodeon

What everyone should be worried about is a new threat. The fire lord knows of the Avatar being free, so the vicious princess Azula leaves the Fire Nation on a hunt. She wants to capture the Avatar herself, along with her brother and uncle who are deemed traitors.

Avatar the last Airbender season two Katara using water magic against prince Zuko

Overall I quite enjoyed the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Like the first, some episodes are a little bland but it’s got a great story and plenty of lovable characters. The new characters of Princess Azula along with Toph Beifong were great additions to the cast. I have already started the third and final season.

Score: B

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