Borat Subsequent Movie Film (2020 Film) Review

Borat subsequent movie film Borat two poster Amazon Sacha Baron Cohen

I have been a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s work for many years now. Borat became famous a long time ago, and I thought I never see the character really pop up again because even Sacha Baron Cohen realized that the character was so famous that nobody could be pranked again. He thought of a solution, so now we have a Borat 2.

Borat two Borat subsequent movie film shopping for dress Sacha Baron Cohen

The movie suggests that Borat was sent to prison in Kazakhstan after his first movie brought great shame to his home country. He returns to his actual home and realizes he has a daughter. Kazakhstan gives him a chance to offer a gift to the American vice president to restore his honor.

Borat subsequent movie film Cowboy ranch redneck cat

So the plans are made for Borat to return to the US and A. After getting mobbed on the street for being famous, he goes to get a makeover so he can learn more about the country and its people.

Borat subsequent movie film pro life women’s health center

But his idea is to offer his daughter as a “gift” to Vice President Mike Pence at CPAC. While Borat thinks this will restore all honor, he might realize he loves his non-male son. This international mission might not be so easy for him.

Rudy Giuliani Borat subsequent movie film interview

Borat Subsequent Movie Film is a bit different from the first movie. As the sequel is super political, Republicans probably won’t be able to finish the movie. Liberals like me, will laugh and laugh and laugh their asses off. I thought it was absolutely brilliant in what he does to punk these Republican clowns. There are some parts of the story that I don’t hold their own weight but I really enjoyed the movie.

Score: B

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