Why Racist Republicans Love Black Conservatives

Donald Trump with diamond and silk White House oval office

The Republican Party has a notorious reputation for being extremely white. When conservatives find black Republicans, they get quite excited, more so than other Republicans that are non-white. They definitely put them on a pedestal, but why is that?

Booker T. Washington

When African-Americans were able to get into the political sphere, they were virtually all Republicans. But this is back in the 19th century, when the Republicans were the liberals and the Democrats were the undisputed conservatives.

Black protesters civil rights Movement 1960s America

About a century after the Civil War, supporting Democrats or Republicans widely varied on what region of the country they were from. But older African-Americans remember the times of old racism, and they would never support the party of white supremacy.

Lyndon B Johnson signed the civil rights act 1964

And that pivotal moment happened in 1964, when Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It opened the floodgates for southern conservatives to jump ship to the Republican Party, a process that would finalize in the early 1990s on the state level. In presidential elections, no Democrat has taken the white vote since 1964, not even Barack Obama during 2008 in his landslide election. Well over 50% voted for his unpopular rival John McCain. That racism still holds true half a century later.

Candace Owens and Donald Trump White House

Republicans want more black supporters because they realize, they could win almost every election on the federal level if they could get that kind of support. There’s a good reason, charlatans like Candace Owens get invited to the White House. They want to fool new generations of African Americans.

Black conservatives diamond and silk professional clowns

And other professional clowns like Diamond and Silk get such grand attention in conservative circles. I think some of these black Republicans are really doing this for either money or attention. The vast majority of them who actually believe that in their hearts are mentally ill. It’s like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders, it doesn’t make sense.

Republican uncle Tom Tim Scott US Senator South Carolina

Black Republicans in office are much rarer, such as Tim Scott, a senator for South Carolina serving alongside Lindsey Graham. He has spoken out a little against hard-right racism, but he quickly backpedals when he realizes it will upset his voter base of extremely racist South Carolina Republicans. I really don’t know how this man has a shred of self-respect, if he has one.

White House interns trump versus Obama

It’s pretty damn clear which party is for equality and diversity. Thinking otherwise, shows you have very very poor gullibility.

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2 thoughts on “Why Racist Republicans Love Black Conservatives

  1. I just haven’t been able to understand how a minority member could support Trump. And Hispanics? Why? After he put those children in cages and separated from their parents. I don’t understand.

  2. One of the worst things about the Trump presidency is knowing people like Candace Owens and Diamond and Silk. As a POC, I just don’t get it.

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