Anon (2018 Film) Review

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Anon is one of Netflix’s original films. While their TV shows are usually pretty good, their original films can sometimes be movies that no studio wanted to pick up and publish in theaters. I’m not sure what the story was for this one but I wanted to give it a shot eventually.

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The story is set in a rather dystopian near future. Virtually everyone is wearing special contact lenses that record everything they do. They can identify anyone and everyone with these contact lenses as well. This would theoretically make the world crime free.

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However, a police officer named Sal Frieland often handles cases involving homicide. Then he starts to notice irregularities and cases involving murder. It seems someone is able to hack such recordings and his police department wants to find someone who would be able to counter this.

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So Sal pretends to be a guilty boyfriend who wants his record removed. So he hires a nameless hacker to do it for him. She’s actually very talented and expensive, but Sal will not know what he bargain for when she finds out that he’s really a police officer scouting for talent.

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To be honest, Anon is quite a mess of a film. There are so many plot holes that it’s rather infuriating that the movie makers actually believed the audience would take the story seriously. Netflix often has the chance to prove their movies are excellent, so they really should have higher standards. It’s not atrocious, but I was expecting more.

Score: C-

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