Toys (1992 Film) Review

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Like many around the world, I was a big fan of the late Robin Williams. I’ve made it a goal to see every movie he ever starred in, which has been a more troublesome task than I originally thought. Toys is among the ones I haven’t seen. I’ve known about it for many years, but just didn’t really know what it was about.

Toys 1992 Leslie Zevo Alsatia Zevo dad's funeral Robin Williams Joan Mary Cusack

Robin Williams plays Leslie Zevo, The son of a brilliant toy maker. His dad founded a toy company that was very successful, but after a long illness, his father passed away. His dad had ideas about the future of his company after his death and who should succeed in leadership.

Toys 1992 Leland Zevo American general Michael Gambon

Since Leslie is a bit of a man-child, the leadership of the company goes to his uncle Leland who is a retired military general. Pretty much everyone at the factory is creative and cheerful, Leland is bitter and disciplined. Which may be good for war, but not so good in the creation of children’s toys.

Toys 1992 Leland Zevo and son Patrick Zevo Michael Gambon LL Cool J

It doesn’t take long for Leland to not like his new role as boss. Instead of walking away and giving it to Leslie, the General has a better idea of his own. What if he could make toys, but built for warfare? The trouble is, the rest of the family isn’t going to like his idea.

Toys 1992 Alsatia Zevo pink hair Joan Mary Cusack

Toys is among the worst films I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s bizarre and often times creepy despite rather imaginative and colorful costumes and sets. The plot is a gigantic cluster of bad ideas and many times these ideas make little to no sense. The film has an impressive cast, sadly a good cast can’t save a bad film.

Score: D

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