Old Dogs (2009 Film) Review

Old dogs Disney movie poster John Travolta Robin Williams Walt Becker

Old Dogs is now an old movie, ironically one I don’t think I’ve heard of until recently. You would think a movie that stars John Travolta and Robin Williams would be memorable to my knowledge, but it definitely flew under my radar. It was also a Disney movie, which is another head scratcher.

Old dogs Disney Charlie Reed Dan Rayburn John Travolta Robin Williams

The movie is about two best friends named Dan and Charlie. They are businessmen and single bachelors. While they don’t have much long-term success with the ladies, they do have a rather impressive knack for business.

Old dogs Disney Dan Rayburn Japanese businessman golf Robin Williams

They get a contract with a Japanese company, and all things seem pretty good. Charlie is good about impressing the Japanese businessmen with humorous stories, while Dan does well with the boring business details. A lot is riding on the deal going through. Things get rather awkward when Dan meets his ex-wife from a very short marriage.

Old dogs Disney Emily and Zach greer Ella Bleu Travolta

Turns out during his brief marriage, he fathered two twins who are now quite grown. With a new aspect of fatherhood in his lap, Dan will now have to juggle his son and daughter and his business life. But will he be a good dad or a good businessman?

Old dogs Disney Craig white gorilla zoo Seth Green

I think the reason I had never heard of Old Dogs for over 10 years was that it’s not a very good film. It seems like a good idea, and there are a few funny moments, but it’s predictable and bland in many other parts of the movie. This is definitely a huge mistake done by Robin Williams and John Travolta. Though I did think it was kind of sweet that John Travolta’s real life daughter plays Robin Williams’ daughter in the movie.

Score: C-

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