Meme Dump: Make DC a State

Memes Make Washington DC a state
Memes Dogs making awoo
Memes Republican Jim Jordan is a hypocrite
Memes Hillary Clinton versus Marjorie Taylor green
Memes Joe Biden is the best president
Memes COVID-19 made Donald Trump insane
Memes Godzilla versus King Kong
Memes Dragon Ball Z gohan
Memes Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist
Memes No dogs on the sofa
Memes The cat is a witch
Memes Shark hugs scuba diver
Memes Free trial without credit card
Memes Dog with cinnamon roll ears
Memes Being broke jokes
Memes Going to bed early
Memes The joker being tired
Memes It’s cold outside
Memes Star Wars revenge of the Sith the Highground
Memes The Beatles here comes the sun

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