Rebel Without a Cause (1955 Film) Review

rebel without a cause movie poster Nicholas Ray

One of the most famous actors from before most of us were born was James Dean. Since he died in a car crash in the same year the movie was released, he was obviously decades before my time. Rebel Without a Cause was one of his biggest movies, cementing his status as a movie icon. I had never seen it before, so I decided it would be a good movie to watch with my mother.

Judy red clothes lipstick rebel without a cause Natalie Wood

Rebel Without a Cause focuses on three different young people. One of them is Judy, a beautiful young girl who has many issues with her father. She isn’t a bad girl, but she does do some stuff for the attention alone. Which may lead her to more trouble than she bargained for.

jim stark you're tearing me apart speech rebel without a cause James Dean

The next is Jim Stark, a very troubled yet charming young man with very bourgeoisie parents. His mom and dad have the status to get him out of minor trouble, but not understanding their son is the real issue overall.

Judy and Plato rebel without a cause Natalie Wood Sal Mineo

Then we have Plato, a young man with very little family and a truckload of mental issues. All three of them will become friends somewhat, but none of the trio will ever expect what will happen on one very fateful night.

Judy and jim stark rebel without a cause Natalie Wood James Dean

Rebel Without a Cause is a good film, but it has aged quite a bit in my opinion. While some of the acting is pretty good, there are some things in the plot that makes no sense. Such as the character Judy not being in grief after losing someone very dear to her. But I am thankful I watched it, especially as I know James Dean more than I did before I started the movie.

Score: B

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2 thoughts on “Rebel Without a Cause (1955 Film) Review

  1. A Classic, for sure! They don’t make them like James Dean anymore. I’m sure he would have had many more successful movies under his belt if he hadn’t passed so young.


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