Westworld (1973 Film) Review

Westworld 1973 movie poster

Before Game of Thrones had it series’ finale, HBO was touting its other series Westworld in hopes that fans of Game of Thrones would stay to watch their other television series. I didn’t watch it as of today, but I learned that that series was based on a 1973 film of the same name. Since Westworld was on HBO Max, I decided to give the movie a try before watching the television series.

Westworld 1973 medieval world sword fight

The movie is set on Earth in the 1970s, however there is a resort for very rich clients that can offer fantasies based on either the Roman Empire, medieval Europe, or the Wild Wild West. Guests are the only living inhabitants of the resort, but very highly advanced androids fill in the many other roles at the resorts.

Westworld 1973 Peter Martin John Blane Richard Benjamin James Brolin

A pair of lawyers decide to go to Westworld to live out fantasies of the Wild Wild West. They find everything so fascinating, as they can do whatever they want as outlaws and there’s no penalty for living out whatever they want to do.

Westworld 1973 Gunslinger Yul Brynner

But what happens when technology goes astray? Everything was built to be perfect, but computers have bugs and errors. What would happen if even one android decided to act against its own programming?

Westworld 1973 John Blane Peter Martin James Brolin Richard Benjamin

Westworld actually was a pretty good film, but one I was a little surprised they based a television series with such a big budget on. It is a brilliant premise, I will say that. Not the greatest story or movie in the world, but it would be hard to find many people who wouldn’t enjoy it.

Score: B

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