Meme Dump: Texas Froze While Ted Fled

Memes Ted Cruz Cancun vacation
Memes palpatine Revenge of the Sith light saber attack
Memes Dragon Ball Super lord Beerus cosplay
Memes Shocked Pikachu reaction meme
Memes Lazy coworker eating breakfast at work
Memes  Rush Limbaugh will not be missed
Memes US military recruiters
Memes Cat imposter among dogs
Memes Anakin Skywalker versus mace Windu
Memes Being tickled
Memes Favorite dinosaur in kindergarten
Memes Cat using couch as scratching post
Memes Dropping eraser in school class
Memes Rex and Cody order 66 Star Wars revenge of the Sith
Memes Failed Texas Republicans
Memes Rush Limbaugh was a horrible human being
Memes Rush Limbaugh is now in hell
Memes Nokia phone durability
Memes McDonald’s ice cream machine
Memes How to cancel your cable bill

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