Meme Dump: Straw Inside McDonald’s Cup

Memes Straw in McDonald’s cup
Memes Applying for a job with no experience
Memes Pans labyrinth monster Mitch McConnell
Memes Cats Evec dog from dog house
Memes Trump lost LOL truck
Memes PC gamer bane mask
Memes Duck costume at the park
Memes Language is a social construct
Memes Joe Biden tripping on stairs
Memes Goth version Of McDonald’s
Memes Standing in the pool as a kid deep end
Memes At what cost Wario math problems
Memes mc Last name origin
Memes Expensive restaurants
Memes Volvo invented the seatbelt
Memes Guy who built the pyramids
Memes If snakes were wide instead of long
Memes Tom cruise prince Philip
Memes I don’t care about your opinion
Memes Being dumb

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