The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story (2020 Film) Review

The orange years the Nickelodeon story movie poster documentary

The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story is a documentary I saw pop-up on Hulu. When I was the kid, Nickelodeon was my favorite thing to watch. I was a little young to remember the very first days of Nickelodeon, but I definitely remember at least from 1991 onward.

The very first Nickelodeon logo

The documentary starts obviously from the very very beginning. Back when Nickelodeon was started by people who really wanted to make entertainment, instead of making entertainment just for money. You definitely see faces you never recognized as they were from behind the scenes.

Shape shifting the secret world of Alex Mac Nickelodeon Larisa Oleynik

You also get to see a bit more in-depth look at the creation of your favorite shows from your childhood. They don’t cover everything, but they get most of the good ones. They stop covering anything made past 1999.

Larisa oleynik interview the orange years the Nickelodeon story documentary

You also get to see interviews with show creators, actors, and other notable people who had involvement with all these Nickelodeon classics. Many of these actors we had long forgotten because they had not gone big after Nickelodeon except for Kenan Thompson.

Nickelodeon Studios original logo

The Orange Years actually is a pretty likable documentary. This one is definitely for Millennials, especially those who did not tune in to the Disney Channel during our youth. Nickelodeon may have dropped the ball since my childhood ended, but the story of its creation is super fascinating.

Score: B

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