Introducing My Girlfriend Jessica

The most gorgeous optician

Since last October, this beautiful woman has filled my heart with a lot of joy. We have very similar hearts and a very similar situation where we were both going through a divorce at the same time.

Boyfriend and girlfriend

This was shortly after we started dating, I’m actually quite surprised how much I hate my hair back then. She got me to change my hairstyle, and I can’t imagine my head without it now.

Couple enjoying banner elk north Carolina

We took a vacation of sorts to Grandfather Mountain last November. This was absolutely wonderful, we had a lot of detours getting to enjoy the mountain, but it was such a wonderful trip because she was there.

Happy couple Helen Georgia

Then we had a very cold trip to Helen Georgia before Christmas. We did about did everything you could do in Helen, Georgia, and it was absolutely delightful.

Couple during Christmas time

She got to meet my family at Christmas time. This was definitely my favorite Christmas ever.

Couple enjoying Myrtle Beach south carolina

Then we had our trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina back in January. The temperature outside was too cold to swim, but it still was such a fun time.

Being a good stepdad

She has a daughter from her previous marriage whom I will call Princess L on Neko Random. This was the first time I had dated someone with a child. I know many guys don’t date women with kids and that’s rather messed up. Loving her comes naturally because she is Jessica’s child. Luckily, we have a very good relationship. She’s accidentally called me “dad” a few times and she enjoys spending time with me.

Family photo Myrtle Beach south carolina

Jessica has loved me for who I am, which means more to me than anyone could ever know. She makes me feel like I am already family, which is very emotionally awesome because I have family who excluded me during various points of my life.

Family dinner

I always strive to be the best boyfriend I can be for her. I also try to be a positive light in her daughter’s eyes as well. While we have only been dating for less than a year, I have felt like I have known her all my life. She felt like my missing puzzle piece and I hope I always feel like hers.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing My Girlfriend Jessica

  1. I’m so happy for you and Jessica and Princess L! I’m working backwards, so now I know her name. I’ve been divorced. It’s really hard. But sometimes the right one doesn’t show up first. When he/she does, you appreciate them even more, because you’ve lived the difference.


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