Deadly Towers (NES) Review

Deadly Towers NES boxart

I never played this when I was little. Thinking back, I would have hated it back then because this game is brutally tough. If I quit on the Legend of Zelda, there’s no way my four-year-old self could have handled this adventure. If you can call it an adventure that is, since this is easily one of the worst NES games ever made.

Deadly Towers NES throwing dagger

Speaking of Zelda, this seems to be at least in the same genre with me turning a blind eye of it not being a shameless rip-off. You control this Viking wannabe as he climbs into this “deadly tower” with attacks of deadly sword throwing.

Worst NES games Deadly Towers NES

Apparently deadly towers are filled with bats, evil puddles and slime-balls. Oh and they all want you dead for some reason. They pretty much get away with it since you move around so slow and clunky, and the only chance of victory is really to run away. If you die you get a random auto-password and start at the very beginning. Wait I get a password for going back to the start? I’m going to hope this an old video game developer’s idea of a joke on the world, because if they put any effort in this half-broken garbage they should be ashamed of themselves.

Score: 1 out of 10

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