Mortal Kombat II (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Mortal kombat II Arcade machine

In the early 1990’s, Street Fighter II was so successful that every arcade company seemed to be making their own copy cats. While SNK rivaled Capcom greatly, it was Mortal Kombat that shook Street Fighter’s place among the best fighting games in America. The 2nd game was typically every fan’s favorite game among the bunches made. I was glad to see it there at the Carolina Arcade Museum in Forest City, North Carolina.

Subzero vs scorpion mortal kombat II Arcade

Though I will say, the game has aged a bit since the 1990’s. The moves are much harder for me to recall than Street Fighter’s, and it’s not very forgiving.

Reptile vs kung lao mortal kombat II Arcade

Plus some of the gimmicky things it did to be brutal and edgy (which is a reason why Congress almost controlled video games in the United States) aren’t impressive anymore. So it does lose some of its appeal. But I still had my fun with the game.

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