Plok (SNES) Review

Plok snes super Nintendo boxart north America

Even though I had a lot of games as a kid, I’ve never heard of Plok until recently. So I went and found a copy to see if it was as good as the “Most Overlooked but Good SNES games” list I discovered said it was.

Wooden boat Plok snes super Nintendo

When I first saw images of the game, my mind immediately jumped to the Kirby series. It seemed to be a very cute and colorful platformer. Unlike Kirby however, Plok (the character) is bit more surly and isn’t afraid of being a jerk. I really liked the humor they implemented into the story.

Level 1 Plok snes super Nintendo

Though I admit, this game isn’t very similar to Kirby despite it being in the same genre. Plok attacks by throwing pieces of himself at foes, and other than a few power-ups there’s nothing more than that except jumps. The game might look like a kid’s game, but it’s one tough cookie. You almost feel like a stage actor who’s dodging rotten produce being thrown from the crowd for a lousy performance.

Water level Plok snes super Nintendo

If video games were candy, Kirby would be a piece of gum. Colorful, sweet, and not hard to chew on and enjoy. Plok is more like a sourball. It’s not as harsh looking as a jawbreaker, but it leaves an awful taste in your mouth. There are a few who would enjoy the distinct flavor, however the general population would just spit it in the trash.

Score: 5 out of 10

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