Godzilla (2014 Film) Review

Godzilla 2014 movie poster

While I really haven’t seen any Godzilla movies since I was little, I sure miss our favorite neo-dinosaur. Ironically for as the hero I remember Godzilla, he was the villain in the original Japanese movie from 1954 along with the first American Godzilla movie in 1998. So is Godzilla good or evil in this one? He’s a hero, or at least on the likable side for humanity.

Bryan Cranston Godzilla 2014

The movie begins with Joe Ford who worked in Japan until his wife dies in an accident which devastates the local area. Many years later, he still laments her death and thinks there was more to it. He convinces his son to go back with him to find the truth, and they discover a site which is about to awaken a creature called a Muto which will bring destruction in the world. The other grim news is that another Muto appears to give double the trouble.

American battleships Godzilla 2014

The military tries to stop the monsters, but are totally unable. Luckily for humanity, a dinosaur-like creature named Godzilla awakens as well to take down the Mutos. Though Godzilla isn’t totally trusted in an uneasy alliance. Though Godzilla is humanity only hope in defeating the Mutos.

Godzilla 2014 movie

Overall I thought Godzilla was a pretty good movie, but it does has its faults. One was a certain character that died way too soon. Another was that for a movie about Godzilla and called Godzilla, it actually has very few moments with Godzilla. Also the fight scenes are often at night and too hard to see. I know it was probably easier on the people who do the CGI, but I often couldn’t tell what was going on.

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