The Suicide Squad (2021 Film) Review

The Suicide Squad 2021 James gunn movie poster

The DC Extended Universe has had its fair share of problems. The original Suicide Squad movie had a mixed reaction among fans after James Gunn got fired by Disney (but quickly rehired) he was hired by Warner Brothers to make a sequel to the first Suicide Squad. Despite giving it a really dumb name, it’s a much different film than the original.

Robert Dubois threatens Amanda Waller The Suicide Squad 2021 James gunn

The film takes place a few years after the original. Amanda Waller notices that a small country in South America had a regime change and in this country there exists a super weapon that could potentially be used against the United States. She starts to recruit new members to join Task Force X by any means necessary.

Harley Quinn boards the plane The Suicide Squad 2021 James gunn

The only original member of the first Suicide Squad to return in a major way is of course, Harley Quinn. She landed herself back in jail after Birds of Prey. Luckily for the rest of the team, there’s more mentally sane members than Harleen Quinzel.

Colonel Rick Flag with shotgun The Suicide Squad 2021 James gunn

They force themselves past legions of soldiers with automatic weapons to get to Project Starfish and shut it down for good. But there definitely seems to be something off about the mission. Can the members of the Suicide Squad figure it out before it’s too late?

John Cena Peacemaker The Suicide Squad 2021 James gunn

I can definitely say that I liked the new Suicide Squad better than the original film. The majority of its super villains are the lamest in the DC Universe, ironically. I think James Gunn wanted to copy the Deadpool movies a little as it holds back very little on extreme violence and dark humor. It can be a too extreme at times, but I did enjoy the movie overall.

Score: B+

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