Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two (2021 Film) Review

The Long Halloween is a Batman comic book I never picked up. But I watched Part One of the animated version not long ago. I really enjoyed it and I knew Part Two would be even better. The story starts with Batman and Jim Gordon still stumped on the identity of the Holiday killer. AllContinue reading “Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two (2021 Film) Review”

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One (2021 Film) Review

I’m a big fan of Batman and will eventually see almost anything connected to the Dark Knight. I was excited for this one because I’ve heard very good things about The Long Halloween comic storyline. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was impressed DC wanted to spilt the story in two parts.Continue reading “Batman: The Long Halloween Part One (2021 Film) Review”

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019 Film) Review

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is a DC animated movie I hadn’t paid much attention to. Since I have HBO Max, almost everything DC related is on the platform. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a solo Wonder Woman story. The story strangely reboots again. Diana saves Steve Trevor from a plane crash into the ocean andContinue reading “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019 Film) Review”

The Death of Superman (2018 Film) Review

Back in the early 1990’s, The Death of Superman was a comic-book story-line that was so notable that even regular people took notice. It was the first time the Man of Steel had “died” in a major story, which was rather unheard of even for comic books. Sure enough he came back, but both BatmanContinue reading “The Death of Superman (2018 Film) Review”

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018 Film) Review

While I don’t typically read comic books, I do admit, the comic-book writers come up with some interesting concepts. It’s not uncommon for them to make a mini alternate-reality separate from the main time-line. The idea for Gotham By Gaslight is obvious, what if Batman lived in a time of technology of a Victorian England?Continue reading “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018 Film) Review”