Things I Like: Arrow (TV Series) Season 2

After years of waiting, I finished the first season of Arrow back in November of last year. I thought it was good, but the series had a lot of filler and too many episodes. I was curious about season two, and I’m surprised I had started it so quickly. This one doesn’t change things drasticallyContinue reading “Things I Like: Arrow (TV Series) Season 2”

Things I Like: Arrow (TV Series) Season 1

Arrow is a TV series based on DC comics’ Green Arrow. It’s a similar concept to Smallville which had a much younger Superman and also had the Green Arrow as a character. Though this TV series features a different actor and the Green Arrow is the main character. Though other heroes and villains from DCContinue reading “Things I Like: Arrow (TV Series) Season 1”

Fun Fact: Charlize Theron Thought She Was Going To Be Wonder Woman

Charlize Theron was approached by Warner Bros. to join the cast of Wonder Woman in the DCEU. She assumed she was going to play Princess Diana herself, but they wanted her to play her mother, Hippolyta. So she rejected the role entirely.

Things I Like: The Batman (2022 Film)

With the DCEU in a total mess, I’m not surprised that Warner Brothers went with another Batman movie not connected to the shared universe. Robert Pattinson also received a lot of hate for his role in Twilight, so he had big shoes to fill as the new Batman. The movie doesn’t technically start as anContinue reading “Things I Like: The Batman (2022 Film)”