Among Us (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Among Us Nintendo Switch

One of the most popular games on mobile phones last year was Among Us. I despise playing games on mobile phones due to controls but they recently made a Nintendo switch version and it’s very very cheap.

Upper engine Among Us Nintendo Switch

It’s a game unlike most video games that you’ve seen before. You play online with many other players, and you’re a crew mate on the ship and the whole team has to figure out which people are really imposters out to kill them.

Team chat Among Us Nintendo Switch

There is no hard evidence, you have to rely on people and what they saw. I have found that most people are rather dumb and paranoia spreads like wildfire. I’ve been a ejected innocently more times than you can imagine. Sometimes it’s an imposter playing tricks, but sometimes it’s just another crew mate being idiotic.

Voting screen Among Us Nintendo Switch

I’ve literally seen a whole team die without an imposter killing anyone because that’s how dumb people are.

Impostor ejected Among Us Nintendo Switch

My favorite thing to do is be the imposter. Unfortunately due to statistics, it takes some time to wait to become one.

Victory screen Among Us Nintendo Switch

All things said I’ve had quite a bit of fun with the game so far. But I wish that typing was faster with the Nintendo Switch version. It also seems to cross-play between other platforms which allows some to hack the game to create impossible to win matches.

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