How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014 Film) Review

How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie poster

Back in 2010 I missed out on the original How to Train Your Dragon, but managed to see it in 2011. I loved the movie, but I was disappointed that it would be at least three years until I could see the sequel. I missed it in theaters, but finally the wait was over.

Hiccup How to Train Your Dragon 2

The story begins five years after the first movie. The viking community of Berk has made peace with dragons. Now everyone in Berk has their own dragon that is their friend and helper. Hiccup and and his dragon Toothless are still best friends, but his dad is pressuring him to become the chieftain when he retires.

Viking ships How to Train Your Dragon 2

Before Hiccup can become leader, he accidentally hears about man named Drago who is gathering an army of dragons. He knows war is coming, but is foolish enough to think Drago will change his mind if he can speak to him. Drago is a dragon master, and with an army it might be too late for the good dragons and people of Berk.

Island of Dragons How to Train Your Dragon 2

Overall I was a bit disappointed with How to Train Your Dragon 2. It’s a great film though, don’t get me wrong. However, I thought the original was more creative, and had a much better story. I hear there will be a final movie, but yet again it will be another long wait as it won’t come out until 2017. However this time, I don’t think the wait will be as hard to bear.

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