Things I Like: Ser Davos Seaworth (Game of Thrones)

Davos Seaworth game of Thrones HBO

Ser Davos was one of my favorite characters. We see him first in the second season, as he’s with his best friend Stannis Baratheon after the now oldest Baratheon crowns himself king for all the Seven Kingdoms to hear. Stannis and Davos had a strange relationship. He had saved Stannis and all those at Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion by sneaking in food (onions mostly) during a long and suffering siege. But since Davos had once been a criminal, Stannis took off parts of his fingers and knighted him right afterward.

Davos Seaworth advising King stannis baratheon game of Thrones HBO

But when the War of the Five Kings escalates, he is elevated to Hand of the King for Stannis. Though never gets to wear a pin. He is the only voice of reason to Stannis, as Stannis was often too eager to hear the words of Melisandre, the Red Woman.

Davos Seaworth hit by wildfire game of Thrones HBO

Davos manages to luckily survive the Battle at Blackwater Bay when the wildfire goes boom. Still not quite sure how he managed to escape from that one.

Davos Seaworth in jail game of Thrones HBO

But he is often put in chains after going back to Stannis. More Red Woman drama. I did think it was sweet that he thought of Princess Shireen like a daughter of his own.

Davos and Jon Snow see red woman return game of Thrones HBO

But things go sour for Davos when Shireen is burnt alive and Stannis is killed after the battle with House Bolton.

Davos Seaworth sees dead Jon Snow game of Thrones HBO

He then puts his hopes into Jon Snow, even when he’s murdered by the Night’s Watch mutineers. Luckily he had the idea to get the Red Woman to revive Jon Snow.

Davos Seaworth battle of the bastards game of Thrones HBO

And Davos is at the Battle of the Bastards, once again, walking away without any real harm done. They didn’t explain that either unless he just galloped away when the scary men got close.

Davos Seaworth and King Jon Snow dragonstone game of Thrones HBO

But he becomes Jon’s de facto Hand of the King when Jon becomes King in the North. Not sure how well Davos was as a co-leader there, but it lead to some funny moments.

Davos Seaworth votes bran stark as king game of Thrones HBO

He manages to survive the Night King, and Cersei’s reign and sees Bran voted as King. I thought his line here was funny.

Davos Seaworth master of Ships game of Thrones HBO

And at the end of the series, he becomes the Master of Ships. Which makes sense considering his experience. Stannis was Master of Ships under Robert Baratheon though we never saw that on the show. Rather fitting.

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