Things I Like: Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)

Brienne of Tarth wins spot on King Renly's Kingsguard game of Thrones HBO

Ever since she arrived on the show in the second season, I’ve always liked Brienne of Tarth. One of the few women on the show that isn’t beautiful, she makes up for her lack of beauty with brute strength. While she isn’t a knight (as no woman has ever been) she bests a skilled warrior like Loras Tyrell in combat in a tournament of sorts.

Brienne of Tarth sees king Renly murdered game of Thrones HBO

She becomes a member of King Renly Baratheon’s kingsguard which made her life whole. But it doesn’t last for as long as Stannis’ shadow ghost baby kills Renly. And most of Renly’s men think it was her who did it.

Brienne of Tarth pledges loyalty to catelyn Stark game of Thrones HBO

She ends up allying with Catelyn Stark. Lady Stark becomes her new mission and she serves her by trying to get her daughters back from the Lannisters.

Brienne of Tarth meets jamie Lannister game of Thrones HBO

And the goal is to get Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing (under King Robb Stark’s nose) safely. I didn’t think this plan was realistic. Even if Robb had skipped the Red Wedding and survived, I wouldn’t see Tywin giving up Sansa Stark for no reason.

Brienne of Tarth becomes best friends with Jamie Lannister game of Thrones HBO

But I liked how they became good friends throughout their journey. Even though Jaime lost his hand, he never seems to blame her for it. Both of them are a little clueless of what to do about Sansa Stark. As she’s married to Tyrion and all of her close relatives with power and land are dead.

Brienne of Tarth fights the Hound game of Thrones HBO

So she luckily stumbles into Arya Stark. But the Hound won’t let her take the Stark girl. I thought it was a good fight. But unluckily for her, Arya Stark flees from both of them. So the fight was for nothing.

Brienne of Tarth kills stannis baratheon game of Thrones HBO

I liked seeing her get revenge on behalf of Renly by killing Stannis Baratheon after he’s defeated by the Bolton Army. Stannis was a dead man walking, but it was good she got justice. How she managed to slip in and out without anyone on the Bolton’s side knowing is a bit of a plot hole.

Brienne of Tarth rescues Sansa Stark game of Thrones HBO

She rescues Sansa Stark and pledges her sword to her. It doesn’t do much good for the young Lady Stark but it would have been what her mother would have wanted.

Brienne of Tarth knighted by Jamie Lannister game of Thrones HBO

She is knighted by Jaime Lannister and they fight bravely during the Battle of Winterfell. I thought it was a bit sad that he left her right after they got romantic for real.

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Brienne of Tarth game of Thrones HBO

But at the end of the series, she serves as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard for King Bran the Broken. I cried a little when she amended Jaime Lannister’s history in the Kingsguard book to honor her fallen love and friend.

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