Things I Like: Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)

Sansa Stark and prince joffrey game of Thrones HBO

Though while I like her as a character, she was certainly the most annoying of the Starks and my least favorite before Rickon. At the start of the show, her father Eddard Stark gets her engaged to Prince Joffrey Baratheon. But their relationship quickly turns sour.

Sansa Stark prisoner of house Lannister game of Thrones HBO

Especially after her father is killed for “treason” and she becomes a hostage of House Lannister. The only ones who seem to want to help her out are Tyrion Lannister and when he can, The Hound. I felt a lot of pity for her at that time.

Sansa Stark being rude to Shae game of Thrones HBO

Though I’ll admit, she was terrible to most of her servants. You’d think a girl in her situation would try to make as many friends as she could.

Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister purple wedding game of Thrones HBO

Like the books, Sansa becomes married to Tyrion Lannister. But their marriage unofficially dissolves after the Purple Wedding. Little Finger (who plotted to murder King Joffrey) manages to sneak her out of King’s Landing.

Sansa Stark and her cousin Robin game of Thrones HBO

And takes her to the Vale, where her aunt and cousin live. I didn’t think most of her time there was that exciting, except for her aunt being pushed out of the moon door.

Sansa Stark wedding to ramsay Bolton game of Thrones HBO

But for whatever reason, Petyr Baelish gives her to House Bolton. Giving Sansa the worst possible husband with Ramsay Bolton. And surprisingly, her new BFF with Theon Greyjoy.

Sansa Stark battle of the bastards game of Thrones HBO

While Jon Snow and the Free Folk army fought bravely during the Battle of the Bastards, she was the reason the Knights of the Vale arrived and won the battle for House Stark. Which is about the only useful thing she ever did.

Sansa Stark condemns little finger to death game of Thrones HBO

She becomes part of the new politics of Winterfell when Jon Snow becomes King in the North. Petyr Baelish tries to plot her against Jon and Arya, but it ends up that Littlefinger ends up executed for all that he did on Sansa’s orders.

Sansa Stark meeting Daenerys Targaryen game of Thrones HBO

And she doesn’t give Daenerys Targaryen a warm welcome when she arrives, nor before she departs. I thought it was a little strange. Without the Mother of Dragons, her home and her life would be gone. Sansa had always been the queen of being ungrateful.

Queen of the north Sansa Stark game of Thrones HBO

And speaking of female monarchs, she’s Queen in the North at the end of the series. I thought this was a little lame. Seems like she care about power after-all. Who would have guessed it?

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