Blast from the Past (1999 Film) Review

Blast from the Past 1999 movie poster

No matter how famous or beloved some actors or actresses are, there are some times movies that they star in that you never heard of. That was the case for Blast from the Past starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone. Since Brendan Fraser has gotten a comeback in social media, I gave this movie a chance.

Christopher Walken Blast from the Past 1999 movie

The plot starts during the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. A paranoid genius named Calvin Webber thinks that nuclear war is inevitable. He hides in his bomb shelter for 35 years thinking that the world ended, when in fact a plane crashed into their house at the same time he was terrified about nuclear weapons.

Brendan Fraser Blast from the Past 1999 movie

Which causes his son Adam to be born and raised in a bomb shelter for nearly 35 years. When his father reacts negatively about the scary 1990s, Adam is tasked with a way to survive in this new era.

Alicia Silverstone Blast from the Past 1999 movie

He meets Eve Rustikoff as she worked in a baseball card shop and advised him not sell extremely valuable cards for a pitiful value. Instead she decides to help him for money, but will she actually fall for him by the time the story is over?

Eve Rustikoff and Troy Blast from the Past 1999 movie

Blast from the Past is definitely one of the most unique movies ever made. On paper it seems like a cheesy film made for television but its actors and story are actually more charming than I ever imagined. It’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it’s a little gem that most people probably overlooked.

Score: B+

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