Our Visit to Justus Orchard (Hendersonville NC)

Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

Yesterday, we took a family trip to Justus Orchard in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Believe it or not, I’ve never been apple picking before.

Picking apples Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

I was a little disappointed there are very few varieties of apples you can pick. Most variations there weren’t ready to be picked yet.

Green apples growing on tree Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

I always imagined apple trees to be bigger. But they were much smaller in person.

Feeding donkeys Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

They do have a great petting zoo. These handsome donkeys were definitely among my favorites.

Buck the horse Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

It’s also a bit hard to ignore Buck the horse. They also have chickens, peacocks, and bunnies plus some goats too.

Jump pillow Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

Princess L spent sometime jumping on the jump pillow. All the kids there look like they were having a great time on it.

Apple store Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

I will admit the apples in their store look better than the apples growing on the trees you can lay your hands on.

Little girl having fun Justus Orchard Hendersonville NC

All things said, I had a good time. Just too hot weather wise that day to me.

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