Things I Hate: Batman & Robin (1997 Film)

Batman & Robin movie poster

While the Batman movies started out great, it had a downhill moment which ended with this film. It wasn’t until about 8 years later that Hollywood would touch another Batman film starting a new series with Batman Begins.

Alicia Silverstone Batman & Robin movie

Practically the whole movie is filled with stupid characters, and really cheesy costumes. George Clooney should be ashamed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Batman & Robin movie

I would say the same for Arnold Schwarzenegger but I’ll let it slide since he’s pretty bonkers. MISTAR FREEEZZZZZZZEEEEEE!!!! Oh geez please don’t that again, Arnie.

Uma Thurman as poison ivy Batman & Robin movie

And honestly Uma Thurman could’ve done better.

Bane Batman & Robin movie

Is that suppose to be Bane? Okay that’s it, rant over. I can’t take it no more. A movie with a $125 million dollar budget should be a few steps above that.

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