Things I Like: Batman Begins (2005 Film)

Batman Begins movie poster

While I thought it was the weakest in the trilogy, I did think it was much better than most of the other Batman films that predated it. I liked how Christopher Nolan didn’t mimic Batman, he recreated it.

Christian Bale Batman Begins movie

Like Bruce Wayne’s back-story where he’s searching for his true cause. He eventually gets trained to be a psuedo-ninja, but I hear those guys hate hippies.

Katie Holmes Batman Begins movie

I also liked Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. It’s a shame that the boyfriend-girlfriend thing didn’t last for them.

Liam Neeson Batman Begins movie

And forget Scarecrow, he was lame. Ra’s al Ghul (who ironically is not a well-known Batman villain) was the real antagonist. I love how they pull the surprise on Bruce during his birthday party. Their final fight was also pretty sweet.

Batman lets Ra's al Ghul die Batman Begins movie

It could have been better, but two far superior films succeed it. So it’s all good.

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