Batman: Gotham Knight (2008 Film) Review

Batman: Gotham Knight movie poster

As many of you know I’m a big Batman fan. So I’ve been meaning to catch up on many of the Dark Knight’s animated movies. I overlooked Batman: Gotham Knight as it’s a collection of six (related) short-stories set between Batman Begins and Dark Knight. They also worked with a Japanese studio to give the animation an anime-inspired look.

Batman vs deadshot Batman: Gotham Knight movie

The six mini-films are all part of Bruce Wayne’s early struggles to become Gotham’s greatest protector except the first. It’s a short story about the imagination of four teenagers who describe their eye-witness accounts of Batman.

Bruce Wayne Batman: Gotham Knight movie

The rest fit between Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. It shows some of Bruce’s training to become a better fighter, but also gives more a glimpse of Gotham’s darker side. It features two Batman villians, Killer Croc and Deadshot. Both of whom give Batman quite the challenge.

Batman: Gotham Knight movie

Overall while I liked the art style, I didn’t dig Gotham Knight terribly much. The non-central story doesn’t make it very appealing to me. I also thought that only the last story was really excellent. It had some potential but this is far from the best adventure for Batman.

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