Mr. Mom (1983 Film) Review

Mr. Mom movie poster

Even as a kid, I don’t think I’ve ever saw Mr. Mom. The only reason I even know about it is that it’s one of Michael Keaton’s earliest works. When Ben Affleck was announced to play the new Batman, someone noted that were serious fan protests over Micheal Keaton becoming Batman back in 1989. Most them saying that Mr. Mom would not be a good Batman. After 1989 most people thought Keaton was a great Batman, but is Mr. Mom a good movie?

Michael Keaton Mr. Mom movie

The story begins with Jack Butler, who works as an engineer for a car company. Things don’t look so good and everyone is fearing the worst. Jack and his three friends are called into the office to be told the bad news. They are very upset but for the sake of their spirits, try to stay optimistic.

Teri Garr Mr. Mom movie

Jack challenges his wife Caroline to get a job before he does. He is shocked to find out that he is now the home-maker. While Carolina finds struggles at work, she is quite successful. Jack on the other hand is not very good at being a stay-at-home-dad. Even getting groceries is almost impossible for him to handle.

Mr. Mom movie

I admit I can see why people were upset with Keaton getting the role of Batman based on Mr. Mom. Though it’s a pretty funny comedy with a lot of laughs. I wouldn’t call it comedic brilliance, though I did like seeing some actors in it who later had much better roles in future movies.

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One thought on “Mr. Mom (1983 Film) Review

  1. Fans are always upset no matter who gets cast in a superhero movie as their beloved superhero. I remember all the fuss about Michael Keaton and he was just fine as Batman. People thought Tobey Maguire was a bad choice too but he was fine in the role (my fave Spider-Man so far). And everyone was opposed to Chris Evans being Captain America because up until then, he mainly just did stupid rom-coms where he was always a himbo.


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