American Hustle (2013 Film) Review

American Hustle movie

I had heard of American Hustle last year but never got to see it in theaters. While the film did very well critically, I also wanted to see it because the main cast have had notable roles in super-hero movies. Christian Bale was Batman, Amy Adams was Lois Lane, Jennifer Lawrence was Mystique, Jeremy Renner was Hawkeye, and Bradley Cooper was Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Amy Adams American Hustle

The story begins with the unique life of a man named Irving Rosenfeld. He is a clever liar and uses this as an advantage for most of the aspects of his life. The only real noble thing about Irving is the strong-bond with his adopted son. Irving meets a woman named Sydney, who is practically his equal and uses a fake English accent to help Irving fool gullible people.

BradlBradley Cooper Christian Bale American Hustle

However they make a mistake and land in trouble with government agent Richard DiMaso. DiMaso admires their talented people skills, and offers them freedom if they help him in a bigger plan. DiMaso hopes to make a name for himself by going after bigger fish, which goes all the way to members of Congress.

Jeremy Renner American Hustle

Overall I loved the film, and could see why it was nominated for an Oscar. I thought Amy Adams was marvelous as Sydney, but I also really liked the characters played by Bale, Renner, and Lawrence. I also liked that it’s based on actual events from the 1980s, but with a lot of creative freedom so they don’t have to worry about historical inaccuracies.

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2 thoughts on “American Hustle (2013 Film) Review

  1. Like you, I heard good things about this, but didn’t watch it right away. What made me tune in were Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a fabulous movie and well-acted by everyone. Hugs, RO


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