Things I Like: Resident Evil Extinction

Resident Evil Extinction movie poster

It was alright given (like the first movie) it was hardly based on any of the video games.

Resident Evil Extinction

After the destruction of Raccoon City, it seems most of the world is now zombie filled. Which makes me wonder why Umbrella thought this was a good business practice. Seems like an awful way to make a profit to me.

Claire Redfield Resident Evil Extinction

It’s kinda funny how they just threw the character of Claire Redfield in the movie so randomly.

Alice Resident Evil Extinction

This is probably the most memorable scene of the movie. Umbrella drops these huge containers in the desert with zombies swarming out of it like overflowing water. How they could fit so many zombies in it, I’ll have no idea.

Alice clones Resident Evil Extinction

There’s also some weird cloning stuff, and I didn’t see the next movie yet so yeah….

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