Halloweentown (1998 Film) Review

Halloweentown 1998 movie poster

Halloweentown is a movie I missed when I was 10 years old. I was definitely more of a Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network kid. But I kind of knew about it, because for many Millennials, this is one of their favorite Halloween movies. How has this movie aged in the eyes of someone without any nostalgia for it?

Agatha Cromwell Halloweentown 1998 movie

The movie is presumably set in 1998. Marnie Piper and her brother and sister are forbidden by their mother to celebrate Halloween. Despite a yearning by Marnie for things like ghosts, goblins, and witches. All things change, when her grandmother, an actual witch named Agatha Cromwell visits the household.

Elvis broomstick salesman Halloweentown 1998 movie

They secretly follow their grandmother to her home in Halloweentown. Unlike the city in a Nightmare Before Christmas, this one is completely lit by daylight and most of the townsfolk aren’t that scary. But grandmother Agatha knows there’s something terrible going on behind the scenes.

Kalabar demon form Halloweentown 1998 movie

An evil and powerful warlock has been kidnapping residents of the town, one by one. He does not like powerful nature of the Cromwell family nor does he like regular humans without magic. His ultimate goal is to reconnect the land of magic and the human world together and obviously serve as its ruler. But can he be stopped?

Debbie Reynolds Halloweentown 1998 movie

My feelings about Halloweentown are kind of mixed. This was never part of my childhood, so I never get any of those nostalgic feelings for it. It’s not a terrible movie by any means, but it does have a lot of cheese. The story is pretty predictable but decent. And I guessed the main villain about 30 seconds after he appeared.

Score: C+

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I haven’t seen this one. It’s now on my radar. Happy Fall and Halloween.


  2. ratmom says:

    My daughter likes this one but it’s just ok to me.


  3. Theresa says:

    Gotta disagree with your rating on this. Yes, it is so full of cheese, but it’s a fun Halloween movie for the whole family. For us 80’s babies, it’s a classic.


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