Things I Like: Lady Rose Macclare (Downton Abbey)

Lily James Downton Abbey

Out of the main characters, she’d probably was my least favorite. I like Lily James as an actress, but Lady Rose has her ups and downs. Not really an unlikable character, but this daughter of a Lord (a semi-distant Crawley cousin) had a lot of growing up to do.

Rose Macclare and Violet Crawley Downton Abbey

Though I do sympathize with her over her terribly nagging mother. Luckily (thanks to her great-aunt Violet) she had a family of cousins willing to look after her when her dad is sent to work in India for various reasons.

Rose Macclare Downton Abbey

But many times, she acts childish or dim-witted. Though she does have a kind heart, and tries not to hate anyone.

Rose Macclare and Atticus Aldridge Downton Abbey

She ends up with Atticus Aldridge, the only legitimate son of a British Lord whose male line was created to be lords instead of being born to be one. While he said his family were Russian, his family were indeed Russian and Jewish.

Rose Macclare wedding Downton Abbey

A move that causes her soon-to-be father-in-law to oppose their union. He thinks that because Rose is not Jewish, that their children would be de facto Christians. But they eventually get married.

Lady Rose Macclare and father-in-law Downton Abbey

And she even wins the support of her bitter father-in-law after saving him from being discovered on a dark secret.

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