Star Wars: Dark Forces (PS1) Review

Star Wars: Dark Forces PS1 boxart

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Star Wars. The earliest Star Wars video games were often very basic and rather awful. Though I heard some very positive things about Dark Forces. It was a FPS putting you in the role of Kyle Katarn, a former storm trooper working for the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars: Dark Forces PS1

I honestly didn’t know much about Dark Forces before, and as soon as it started I remembered why most FPSs were once called “Doom Clones”. Instead of demons, you fight storm troopers and other soldiers from the Empire.

Darth Vader Star Wars: Dark Forces PS1

Perhaps the more impressive part of Dark Forces is the original story and cut-scenes. Granted this probably was way cooler in 1996, but the cut-scenes are admirable for the mid-90s. Also taking an original character and making him blend in well with the classic movie trilogy was also commendable.

Stormtroopers Star Wars: Dark Forces PS1

Sadly despite all that, Dark Forces is a pretty terrible game. The graphics are ugly and this is the first FPS in my life to make me motion-sick. I also really dislike the classic FPS style of almost pointless exploration and key-finding. While games like Doom helped start the genre, I believe games like Half-Life and Halo mastered it. Though to be fair I hear the original PC/Mac version was a much better game.

Score: 4 out of 10

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