Rampage (2018 Film) Review

Rampage 2018 movie poster

Rampage isn’t a movie I can recall hearing about last year. But I eventually heard of it and decided to give it a chance. I kind of forgot about the video game series called Rampage because it was never the biggest name in gaming, and it hasn’t been relevant in many years. Why anyone had the motivation to translate a long forgotten video game to the silver screen, I’ll never know. But the big question is, was it any good?

The Rock Rampage 2018 movie

The movie is about Davis Okoye, a former soldier turned primate scientist. He rescued a white gorilla named George from poachers back in Africa. He raised the gorilla to learn commands and some simple English. George even knows some “sign language” that Davis Okoye comically regrets teaching him.

George the gorilla Rampage 2018 movie

However strange things happen to George. He starts to grow larger and larger by the day. While gorillas grow to be quite big, George is getting to be supernaturally strong and tall. He also starts to become much meaner and violent. Due to the help of another scientist, Okoye learns that a pathogen has changed George for the worst.

Rampage 2018 movie

And it doesn’t take long for the government to take notice. Agent Harvey Russell takes custody of George after things go sour. However, Okoye tells him a simple truth. While George might be tamable for a few hours, in mere days, he might be unstoppable. To make matters worse, a wolf has been affected by the same thing, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Dwayne Johnson Rampage 2018 movie

Overall Rampage was an okay movie, but probably pretty forgettable in a few years. Dwayne Johnson is the leading man for almost any Hollywood action movie, and he certainly made Warner Bros happy when the movie did well at the box office. I’m not sure if they’re going to try for a sequel, but I’d rather wish they’d leave it at that.

Score: C+

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