Skate or Die! (NES) Review

Skate or Die NES Boxart

Skate or Die! was the Tony Hawk of video games before the excellent series ripped our Playstations apart with shear awesomeness. Was the old series as good as it’s modern successor? Well no not even close. I remember playing the arcade version on some GameCube arcade re-release disc I think Midway released and not liking it too well. The NES version shares a similar fate.

Skate or Die NES

One thing I’ll give this game is it’s fair use of variety. There’s a couple of skating mini-games like downhill racing, doing tricks, and even pool jousting. So if you hate one event you might like 2 other ones. For some reason I hate them all.

Skate or Die Nintendo entertainment system

It had some good ideas for it’s time, but the controls are so unresponsive and it’s really hard to do anything in a few mini-games without retrying them over time and time again. I can respect that it was ahead of it’s time, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a really awful game now.

Score: 3 out of 10

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