Our 2021 Halloween

Take heart church Halloween trail Anna and Elsa frozen

Halloween is among my favorite holidays and we did a few things this year.

Captain America and iron man Halloween costumes

We took Princess L to a church Halloween trail. Lots of good costumes. I’m Captain America.

Halloween costume captain America and Deadpool marvel x-men

I even got to “fight” Deadpool.

Peggy Carter Halloween costume 1940s dress

The most beautiful woman in the world was Peggy Carter. Since it’s nearly impossible to find a true Halloween costume of Peggy Carter, we found a 1950s style dress and made it work. Look at that hottie 😍😍😍

Pinky's revenge Halloween party Taylors South Carolina

Saturday before Halloween, we went to a Halloween party at Pinky’s Revenge, which is a gamer bar in Taylors, South Carolina. It’s named after the pink ghost from Pac-Man.

Couples costume Captain America and Peggy Carter

It wasn’t as fun as I expected. Their bar had arcade games but most were really old and boring games. But we had a good night. Probably won’t go back to Pinky’s Revenge again, Halloween or not.

Trick or treating Elsa costume Greenville South Carolina

And on Halloween night, took Princess L trick or treating. Weren’t as many people in the neighborhood home as I expected but “Elsa” came home with plenty of candy for a five year old.

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