Dune: Part One (2021 Film) Review

Dune 2021 movie poster

I honestly never heard of Dune. It’s based on a novel from the 1960s, which has had some very challenging adaptions since the 1970s. The last movie based on Dune came out four years before I was even born. But did Warner Bros. get it right?

Zendaya Dune 2021 movie

The movie is focused on the planet Arrakis which was annexed by a Galactic empire. Its native citizens are known as the Fremen, whom mostly resisted their oppression. The planet is considered very valuable due to a almost magical spice. But the evil from House Harkonnen has finally left per the order of the Emperor.

Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin Dune 2021 movie

House Atreides, a much more peaceful and noble house, is assigned by the Emperor to be the new stewards of Arrakis. Duke Leto Atreides wants to treat the natives with respect while supplying the Emperor with the spice that the empire cannot exist without.

Timothée Chalamet and Jason Momoa Dune 2021 movie

The main hero, Paul is Leto’s son. But his parentage from his mother Jessica is more valuable. He has visions of the future and the potential to use pretty nifty powers. But who is the real force to fear on Arrakis?

Lady Jessica Dune 2021 movie

Honestly, I do think Dune is a pretty good movie and the franchise is strangely fascinating. I heard it served as major inspiration for Star Wars and that seems pretty obvious. That being said, I would never choose Dune over Star Wars. It’s smartly written, but I can see why some less intelligent people can find it “boring.” But I am looking forward to the next part, which apparently won’t happen until 2023.

Score: B+

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