Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019 Film) Review

Wonder Woman Bloodlines movie poster

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is a DC animated movie I hadn’t paid much attention to. Since I have HBO Max, almost everything DC related is on the platform. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a solo Wonder Woman story.

Wonder Woman silver uniform golden lasso Wonder Woman Bloodlines

The story strangely reboots again. Diana saves Steve Trevor from a plane crash into the ocean and takes him to the island of the Amazons. She defies her mother when the Amazons want to imprison the man. So she takes him forcefully back to safety. And she spends years as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman meets Julia Kapatelis Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

She eventually meets a woman named Julia Kapatelis. She becomes a frequent guest of her home. Julia’s daughter Vanessa starts to see Diana in a negative light due to jealousy. Years of this leads Vanessa to follow the dark path.

Vanessa Kapatelis silver swan form Wonder Woman Bloodlines

And she eventually gets her own super powers with a metallic body. Powerful and easily manipulated, she commits a lot of mistakes. When Diana realizes Vanessa’s metallic body will eventually eat her alive, she vows to save her from herself.

Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah Wonder Woman Bloodlines

I was actually pretty disappointed by Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. There’s too many villains and nobody is really central to the plot. And there’s way too much deja vu. It’s a solid story with good voice acting and animation, but the plot felt too rushed and sloppy.

Score: C+

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