Things I Like: Eretria (Shannara Chronicles)

Eretria The Shannara Chronicles

Eretria doesn’t seem like she would be the most important character at first, but she’s certainly up in the top five of the series.

Eretria flirting with Wil Ohmsford The Shannara Chronicles

She first appears as a “rover” which is a class of man who are thieves with no real homes or loyalty. She uses her beauty and cleverness to get the upper hand on Wil Ohmsford.

Eretria and Amberle Elessedil The Shannara Chronicles

She fights with Amberle a good bit before becoming friends. She plays her part to help defeat the Dagda Mor.

Eretria reunites with Wil Ohmsford The Shannara Chronicles

She reunites with Wil when the Warlock Lord is about to be revived. Though the two don’t seem to reconnect in their previous romance.

Eretria and Mareth The Shannara Chronicles

Part of which I think was ruined by the creation of the non-book character Mareth. The daughter of Allanon had way more chemistry with Wil in the final season. Though Wil ends up with Eretria in the books and they have kids together.

Princess lyria The Shannara Chronicles

In the TV show, her romance in the 2nd season is Princess Lyria, which I thought was a decent subplot. Eretria had been known to be bi in the first season, so this one wasn’t a shocker. They sort of break up so Lyria can be Queen.

Eretria and Cogline The Shannara Chronicles

But before the Warlock Lord was defeated she helped the side of good, mainly guided by her mentor (and ex-Druid) Cogline to help.

Eretria evil eyes The Shannara Chronicles

Cogline helped get the demon out of her body that was causing her to sabotage things in favor of the Warlock Lord.

Eretria cogline Mareth find Wil The Shannara Chronicles

At the end of the series, she remains with Mareth and Cogline. Though they all learn that Wil is somehow still alive.

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