Batman: The Long Halloween Part One (2021 Film) Review

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One movie poster

I’m a big fan of Batman and will eventually see almost anything connected to the Dark Knight. I was excited for this one because I’ve heard very good things about The Long Halloween comic storyline. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was impressed DC wanted to spilt the story in two parts.

Batman Jim Gordon Harvey Dent talk about Holiday killer Batman: The Long Halloween Part One

The story starts off very Dark Knight-like with Batman working in the shadows with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent. People connected to Carmine Falcone have been murdered on several different holidays starting with spooky Halloween.

Calendar Man Batman: The Long Halloween Part One

Batman goes to see the imprisoned Calendar Man who had a similar operation. Obviously this mad man is not a suspect, but he agrees to help Gotham’s finest with some wisdom. It isn’t ground breaking, but one suspect Batman and Jim Gordon elect to ignore because it’s too scary.

Joker tormenting Carmine Falcone Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1

The one obvious on paper suspect, the Joker is definitely not the Holiday killer. He goes out and causes trouble, sure, but it’s very unlikely he’s the gunman. The Clown Prince of Crime is rather furious at the Holiday Killer for being competition. So the Joker wants to find him too.

Selina Kyle sexy black dress Batman: The Long Halloween Part One

Honestly it’s hard to give The Long Halloween a fair review score because it’s really is half a story. I also watched half of it on a flight where turbulence was causing me to pay more attention to that than the movie. It’s pretty solid so far and I’ll be jumping into Part Two very soon.

Score: B

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