Secretariat (2010 Film) Review

Secretariat 2010 movie Disney poster

While the most famous horses in history are known to many, I didn’t know too much about Secretariat. I knew he was a legendary racing horse, but nothing much else. I knew Disney made a movie about the life of Secretariat and I wanted to see if it was any good or not.

Diane Lane Secretariat 2010 movie Disney

The story begins with the homemaker Penny Chenery getting a call that her mother had passed away. She travels from Colorado to Virginia and is left with little choice but to take control over the family’s stables since her father is too unfit (elderly age) to run it himself. Penny sees the birth of a new horse that eventually takes the name Secretariat.

Secretariat 2010 movie Disney

When Secretariat was born, she had hoped he would be fit for greatness. So with proper training, he becomes a race-horse. They do really well initially, and so much so that he becomes a horse that everyone respects. It’s been 25 years since a horse had won the Triple Crown, and the pressure is on Penny and Secretariat to put their place in history.

John Malkovich Secretariat 2010 movie Disney

Overall I really liked the movie based on Secretariat, and I thought it was better than the one on Seabiscuit. Fortunately from I understand, the historical inaccuracies are minor. They are maybe a bit too dramatic and set another horse and its owner to the be the antagonists. But the unlikely story of Penny and Secretariat’s success is very true.

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