Things I Like: Princess Claude (Reign)

Princess Claude Reign CW

Like her mother Catherine de Medici, Princess Claude was often the source of drama. The show based her personality more on her sister Margaret than the Claude of reality.

Princess Claude Angry Reign CW

A wild child with a habit of “attracting” men, she clashes with her mother often and stirs up trouble for the royal household.

Princess Claude and Leith Reign CW

Though she later mature a little and begins a secret (but serious) romance with Leith. But he appears to be dead. and she is forced to marry another.

Princess Claude getting engaged Reign CW

Which is Luc Narcisse, son of Lord Narcisse which is a little odd to me considering she wasn’t exactly a “stranger” to her father-in-law. When Leith comes back, Luc tries his best to make the marriage work and for Claude to be happy.

Reign CW Princess Claude

Leith eventually leaves because the arrangement was too much for him. I didn’t feel too bad for Claude (despite liking the pairing of her and Leith) because Luc seemed to be a good catch of a husband and for all the things she had done before in her life, she deserved far worse.

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